Latest updates locations Aeres UAS

In this section you can read the latest specific updates for all locations of Aeres Hogeschool (Almere, Dronten en Wageningen). Below these updates you will find the latest general updates and general information that apply throughout Aeres.

18 May 2020

The current measures for higher education have not changed since the update of 22 April. This means that we refer you to the update of April 22th below. Education and examination remain online and we will continue to work from home as much as possible. This applies at least until 1 September.

However, there is a new announcement regarding the intake of students in a higher professional education bachelor's or master's programme who were unable to complete their previous programme as a result of the corona crisis.

Entry possible despite failure to complete the previous program

Final-year students from associate degrees, senior secondary vocational education (mbo) or higher professional education (hbo) programmes who have been delayed due to the Corona measures have until 1 January 2021 to obtain their diploma. In the meantime, they may already start in the bachelor's or master's programme of the hbo. To this end, the student must request a graduation advice from his or her current study programme which must indicate whether it is plausible that the student will be able to complete the study programme before 1 January 2021. Together with the outcome of the study choice interview at the new programme of study, this will determine whether the student is eligible for a Bachelor's or Master's degree. If a student has not obtained the diploma on January 1, 2021, the student must still leave the bachelor or master.

If this raises any specific questions, please contact your personal coach/mentor.

New update after the Ascension weekend

Wednesday, May 20, Prime Minister Rutte will give another press conference. After the ascension weekend we will indicate here the possible consequences for Aeres University of Applied Sciences.

April 22, 2020

Last Tuesday, Prime Minister Rutte announced that the imposed measures, as they now apply for us, will be extended until May 20. The ban on events will be extended until September 1. There are not many changes compared to the current situation. However, we still would like to list a few things in response to the latest news and activities.

Education and examination remain online

As previously decided, no education and research activities will be organized at Aeres UAS locations until the summer. Education and examination will take place online/in alternative forms. If this raises any specific questions, please contact your personal coach/mentor.

Summer courses and introduction days will be adjusted

The ban on events will be extended until September 1. This means that summer courses and our annual introduction for new students will be adjusted accordingly. Plans and scenarios are now being mapped out.

We are preparing for the 'one and a half meters society'.

We take into account that measures will be needed in the long run. Therefore we investigate how to conduct our education and research in the so-called ‘one and a half meter society’. Various scenarios are being developed, on the basis of which we will be able to make well-considered choices. Choices that will be determined by the health of our staff and students on the one hand and, on the other, maintaining the quality of our education and research and preventing study delays.

Hold on, stay at home

While we all long for recapturing our normal life,  we are not there yet. Therefore we repeat the call from our cabinet: HOLD ON, STAY AT HOME. Only if we succeed in doing so,  we will soon be able to meet again.

Latest updates Aeres in general

May 29, 2020

Gradual resumption of activities at locations

In its policy, Aeres follows the guidelines of the cabinet and is therefore preparing to resume a number of activities on location. For vmbo and practical education this applies from June 2 and for mbo and hbo from June 15.

Measures have been taken at all locations to ensure a distance of one and a half meters between people. The number of people who may be present in buildings at the same time is adjusted accordingly. The educational locations will take into account that education will not take place during and shortly before and after rush hours. This measure is taken because of government guidelines to limit the occupation of public transport. Additional measures have been and are being taken with regard to, for example, walking routes, hygiene and limitation of the number of people who may be in one area. The safety of our employees, pupils and students is paramount.

Where education on location is not yet possible, we will continue remote education.

Aeres institutions are working on longer-term protocols, so that we are prepared for the situation in which the one-and-a-half meter society requires more structural changes.

April 22 2020

At the press conference on April 22, Prime Minister Rutte announced that many of the current measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus will be maintained until May 20. This decision will be reconsidered on 13 May.

For Aeres, this means that there are virtually no changes to the measures that have already been taken. However within Aeres VMBO preparations are being made to (partially) resume education at the locations on 2 June. The way in which this is implemented may differ per school location. The locations will inform the students and parents about this when the details are clear.

In addition, the measures mean that Aeres has canceled all events until 1 September 2020. Various Aeres institutions organize digital open days, which means that informing interested new students and trainees can still take place partly.

Education within Aeres is provided at distance where possible and employees work from home as much as possible. In addition, scenarios are developed that take into account a longer period in which restrictive measures are involved. On the one hand, these scenarios take into account a ‘one and a half meter society’ and are on the other hand aimed at preventing study delays as much as possible.

April 01 2020

Measures extended until May holidays

The cabinet has extended the duration of the measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. As a result of this extension, there will be no educational activities at Aeres schools and locations until May holidays.

Consultation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science should clarify what this means for the education sector and for Aeres. This will be reported as soon as possible.

General information

Attention: this information has been updated on Thursday April 2 2020.

In December 2019 the outbreak of the coronavirus started in the Wuhan region in China. Since then it is detected in many countries and measures are taken worldwide to prevent the coronavirus from further spreading. Aeres is following the national guidelines of the Ministery of Foreign Affairs (travel advice) and the RIVM, the national Institute for Public Health and the Environment.

Important information about the coronavirus and, more specific, the measures Aeres takes in case of emergency, will be shared on this page. All Aeres schools and locations follow these guidelines and measures.

Contagiousness and symptoms

Patients infected with the coronavirus have a fever and respiratory symptoms, such as a cough, shortness of breath and pneumonia. 

Prevent infection or virus spreading:

  • wash your hands on a regularly basis;
  • sneeze or cough in your elbow, not in your hands;
  • use paper tissues;
  • don’t shake hands;
  • stay at home when you show cold or flu symptoms.

Contact your GP (doctor’s office) if:
you have a fever above 38 degrees with respiratory symptoms (coughing or shortness of breath)

DO NOT visit the GP (doctor’s office) but contact them by phone and follow their instructions.

Visit the website of the RIVM for more information.


Aeres follows the instructions and advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding travelling. Aeres' policy is that all forms of foreign travelling and excursions are suspended until further notice. This measure applies to both staff and students. Travel for internships abroad is also covered by this measure. It is currently unclear how long the measures will be needed. We will of course monitor the situation closely and report any changes.  


Check out the sites mentioned above for more information. In case of any Aeres-related questions, please contact For study-related questions, you can contact your Aeres institution directly at: