Read frequently asked questions and answers about the coronavirus in relation to Aeres below. They have been updated on Friday May 29.

When will education activities on location resume?

In its policy, Aeres follows the guidelines of the cabinet and is therefore preparing to resume a number of activities on location. For vmbo and practical education this applies from June 2 and for mbo and hbo from June 15. Where education on location is not yet possible, we will continue remote education.

Will events be cancelled?

Aeres cancels all events until September 1. Examples of events are: open days, congresses and information sessions.

Do I have to inform Aeres if I am infected or if someone I live with is infected?

If you are personally infected, or infection is suspected, please contact the educational institution (pupil/student) or your supervisor (employee) by phone and report sick in accordance with the usual procedure. In accordance with privacy laws, you don’t have to say why you are reporting sick, but please do so in this case to prevent the virus from spreading further. In addition, we recommend that you contact the doctor by phone if necessary.

Please also contact us by phone if someone you’re living with is infected, or infection is suspected. We will then discuss together what this means.

Do I have to stay home if I don't feel well?

Students, trainees and employees are supposed to stay at home when they show flu or cold symptoms.

Trips abroad

Aeres follows the guidelines of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whereby certain zones are indicated with colour codes (green, yellow, red or orange).

Can I travel to an area where avoiding travel is recommended for private reasons?

The RIVM strongly recommends you to not do this. You must be aware that you can endanger the health of colleagues, pupils/students and others by travelling to these areas.

Can I still travel abroad for work or study?

Aeres follows the instructions and advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding travelling. Aeres' policy is that all forms of foreign travelling and excursions are suspended until further notice. This measure applies to both staff and students. Travel for internships abroad is also covered by this measure. It is currently unclear how long the measures will be needed. We will of course monitor the situation closely and report any changes.

I am currently abroad for study internship or a work trip. Do I have to return?

We are in contact with all our students abroad and we are discussing possible returns. We will map out the consequences of cancelling the internship or study abroad as soon as possible. This is currently also discussed nationally.